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What makes us different

At Austin Installation Pros, we set the standard for comprehensive home and commercial installation services. Unlike most providers that use entry-level staff and often overcomplicate tasks, our experienced professionals offer expert, tailored solutions.

  • Our TV Repairs and Installations breathe new life into your entertainment systems with precision and expertise.
  • With Efficient Appliance Installation, we ensure your appliances are set up for smooth, long-lasting operation.
  • Our Hassle-Free IKEA Assembly service turns those perplexing flat-pack instructions into beautifully assembled furniture.
  • Our Personalized Fitness Equipment Assembly Service preps your home gym for action, leaving the heavy lifting for your workout sessions!
  • We also offer Versatile General Installation Solutions for a wide array of needs – from lighting fixtures to home entertainment systems, we’ve got you covered.

We focus on repairing what’s needed, speeding up service times, and reducing costs. It’s this commitment to skilled workmanship and exceptional customer service that sets Austin Installation Pros apart as a trusted installation service provider in the Austin area.

Austin Installation Pros at Your Service


Welcome to Austin Installation Pros, your trusted destination for expert and efficient repair of leading brands like Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, and LG. We understand the value these top-tier brands bring to your homes and offices through their superior products. Whether it’s a Samsung LED screen offering an excellent viewing experience, a Sony television known for its clear picture and crisp sound, Panasonic’s advanced digital technology, or the innovative features of an LG television set, we handle them all.

Despite their high-quality designs and advanced technology, electronic appliances can encounter issues. Common problems such as display lines, sound and power glitches, and various others can occur in Samsung sets. Sony televisions, known for their range of LED, HD TVs, might require systematic problem diagnosis and repair. Panasonic, a brand synonymous with quality and innovation, occasionally requires our skilled team’s assistance to mend faults. And LG, a world-famous brand for LED and Plasma sets, might need our trained professionals to diagnose and resolve problems quickly.

At Austin Installation Pros, we believe in a structured approach to resolve all your television issues:

  1. Diagnose the problem.
  2. Resolve or replace the faulty part.
  3. Use proper, original parts.
  4. Re-check the issue and functionality.

We also offer efficient installation services to ensure you enjoy your television sets to their full potential. Our experienced team is ready to assist you whenever you need support. We work meticulously to ensure the longevity of your appliances and your satisfaction. For any kind of repair, Austin Installation Pros is here to help you with all your needs. We are adamant about quality and efficient repairs, ensuring each step is carried out with the highest standards.

Welcome to a world of quality and reliable service. Welcome to Austin Installation Pros.

Efficient Appliance Installation services

Welcome to Austin Installation Pros, where we transform your appliance installation experience from daunting to delightful. Our promise? Efficient Appliance Installation designed to set up your appliances for smooth, long-lasting operation.

Whether it’s the latest refrigerator, the high-tech dishwasher, or the state-of-the-art washing machine, we know just how to install them in your home or office. We don’t just plug it in and leave – we meticulously set up each appliance, calibrate settings for optimal performance, and guide you through the functionalities so you can get the most out of your investment.

Our experienced and highly skilled team members understand that each appliance comes with its unique set of installation requirements. That’s why we tailor our services to match the specific needs of your appliances, ensuring they run efficiently from day one.

At Austin Installation Pros, we turn the complex process of appliance installation into a seamless and stress-free experience. We’re passionate about providing a service that offers you more time to do what you love, while we take care of the technical aspects.

Let us help you set up your appliances to ensure they operate smoothly and reliably, providing the convenience and efficiency you deserve. After all, at Austin Installation Pros, our mission is to bring comfort to your doorstep, one appliance installation at a time. Reach out to us today – let’s bring your appliances to life!

Hassle-Free IKEA Assembly services

Welcome to Austin Installation Pros, where IKEA furniture assembly becomes a stress-free experience. With us, transforming your living or workspace with IKEA furniture has never been easier. Say goodbye to perplexing flat-pack instructions and hello to beautifully assembled furniture!

We understand that IKEA furniture assembly can seem like a daunting task, with its myriad of parts and complex instructions. Our expert team is here to take that worry off your hands. We’ve honed our skills to decipher any IKEA assembly guide, turning what might be an all-day task for you into a quick, efficient process.

Whether it’s a complex PAX wardrobe system, a versatile BILLY bookcase, a comfortable EKTORP sofa, or a practical MALM bed frame, our team has got you covered. We pride ourselves on providing top-notch IKEA furniture assembly service, ensuring that each piece is assembled correctly, safely, and ready to serve you for years to come.

At Austin Installation Pros, we believe that your time is valuable. Don’t spend it wrestling with confusing instructions and countless screws – leave the assembly to us. We handle everything from unboxing, assembling, and positioning the furniture exactly where you want it.

Experience the Austin Installation Pros difference – where IKEA furniture assembly is transformed from a hassle to a breeze. Connect with us today and let’s bring your IKEA furniture dreams to life.

Fitness Equipment Assembly Services

Welcome to Austin Installation Pros, your one-stop solution for professional fitness equipment assembly. We’re here to turn your dream of a home gym into a reality, without the headaches often associated with assembly and installation.

Embarking on a fitness journey shouldn’t start with the struggle of assembling complicated workout equipment. With our Fitness Equipment Assembly Service, you can focus on your health and fitness goals while we handle the technical work.

Whether it’s a multifunctional home gym system, a robust treadmill, a versatile elliptical trainer, a sturdy power rack, or a compact spin bike, we have the expertise to assemble them all. We handle the unpacking, assembling, and set up, ensuring each piece of equipment is securely installed and ready for use.

Our team understands the specifics of various fitness equipment brands and models, ensuring they’re assembled correctly for safe and efficient workouts. We meticulously follow manufacturer’s guidelines, adjust settings for optimal performance, and guide you through the safe usage of your new equipment.

At Austin Installation Pros, we believe in leaving the heavy lifting for your workout sessions. With our hassle-free assembly service, you can have your home gym up and running in no time. Connect with us today and let’s help you take the first step towards your fitness journey in the comfort of your home.

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