What makes us different

Today, many repair shops have entry level employees who lack the skills to provide proper skill for your television set. Because they don’t have the proper knowledge and tools, they often replace entire TV circuit boards when only a few parts have failed. The result can be a longer return time and a higher cost for the customer. At HD TV Repair, we only repair what’s needed. Many repairs can be completed the day you call, in your home, or while you wait. Skilled work and excellent customer service are why HD TV repair remains one of the most reputable TV repair shops in the Austin area.


Samsung is one of the leading brands in all things appliances. From mobile phones, refrigerators, cameras, computers, ect. But with highly regarded television sets, Samsung has some of the most stylish designs available. Samsung LED screens offer an excellent viewing experience to all customers. Their outstanding images and sounds gives pleasure to all things entertainment. With it’s amazing quality, there’s still faults in all things electronic. At any given time any incident can occur. At HD TV Repair, we are adamant about quality and efficient repairs. Common problems can include, lines across the display, grainy horizontal lines, sound problems, power problems, and many more. We’re happy to assess the system and fix it in a timely manner to ensure customer satisfaction.


Sony is a household name across the world. They’re especially popular for their stunning television sets. This brand is know for it’s clear picture and crisp sound. The company delivers a variety of LED, HD TV’s for customers. Sony televisions can vary in price, but can be found at affordable prices. Customers can choose from a variety of sizes, in which we are able to operate on all of them. At HD TV Repair, we can assure customers to resolve a problem through a systematic procedure. Such as, Diagnose the problem, resolve or replace the issue, use proper parts, and re-check their issue and functionality. Each of these steps ensure the proper quality needed. Meaning, for any kind of repair at HD TV Repair, our experienced team are pleased to help you with all of your repair needs.


Panasonic, the leading brand of television stand for quality, value and innovation. Being a renowned manufacturer, Panasonic provides high quality, advanced television sets for customers. Panasonic brings benefits of advanced digital technology to every customer. Meaning, they provide the perfect options for your home, office, man cave, and entertainment systems. Apart from launching a number of premium sets, our skilled team will also provide proper assistance to all of our customers. Our team has the ability to fix and mend faults of all television screens. When it comes to fixing all television sets, we use quality, appropriate parts to make it as good as new.


LG is a highly reputable brand of electronic products that has earned fame in the would of LED television sets. Being one of the most popular brands for LED and Plasma sets, it’s stylish designs, diverse sizes, and advanced features in LED sets. LG brings you a wide range of the newest, most innovative features that brings the level of entertainment to a new standard. Our experienced professionals will come to your place and give the proper installation to the set that is needed. If the television faces some technical problems, then we are ready to resolve the problem. We’re here to help assist you when you need support the most. Sometimes, due to other reasons, the set can face problems that you won’t be able to diagnose. Our trained professionals diagnose the problem when it comes to repair and are ready to resolve them as soon as possible. Our expertise assures customers that they always use original parts to make it as perfect as possible.